Kingdom Towers is a manufacturing and engineering company specialized in prefabricated buildings, steel structures, foundation construction and furniture. We provide efficient and innovative tailor-made engineering solutions that respond to the needs of various industries, including commercial and residential, across the Middle East, from Jordan to the GCC markets.



Kingdom Towers is divided into four departments – KT Prefab, KT Steel, KT Construction and KT Furniture – all of which complement one another. Through our holistic approach, we help jumpstart your project, from foundation construction to the development of steel buildings, manufacturing of prefab structures and, finally, production of required furniture. Whether you are seeking a custom–built structure catered to your business needs, a two-story complex or even a refugee camp, Kingdom Towers can deliver.


Kingdom Towers is a manufacturing and engineering company dedicated to prefabrication, manufacturing of steel structures, foundation construction and furniture. KT’s key strength is the adaptable and flexible nature of its four divisions and ability to meet customers’ every need.



The vision of Kingdom Towers is to be recognized as one of the region’s leading companies in prefabrication, manufacturing and foundation construction. KT aims to consistently deliver customer satisfaction by meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations.


The in-house engineering department at KT specifically utilizes AutoCAD’s system to streamline the steel frame design and building process for modular construction to be successful. The final outcome is a substantial reduction in production time with minimal waste, while simultaneously preserving superior quality.  


As part of our key corporate development goals, KT ultimately strives to achieve long-term customer satisfaction by using optimal technology, adhering to social responsibilities and meeting quality, environmental and occupational safety/health protection standards.


When it comes to quality, KT consistently ensures the quality of products before manufacturing or construction begins; avoids mistakes and takes note of the root of mistakes, if ever, by engaging suppliers who also respect our philosophy of quality. We seek every opportunity to obtain and address all customer feedback and complaints.


Furthermore, KT strives to reduce pollution by eliminating emissions and waste; continuously improving energy efficiency through optimal use of resources, including energy, raw materials and water; and taking extra precautions to ensure occupational safety and health protection.


Whether you seek temporary or permanent structures, KT can provide various prefab products, including but not limited to the following:

• Accommodation facilities

• Site office cabins

• Kitchen/dining units

• Recreation facilities

• Educational facilities

• Labor quarters

• Guardhouses

• Mobile medical facilities and clinics

• Military and civilian housing

• Bullet-resistant structures

• Industrial facilities

• Refugee camps

• Mosques


KT’s massive lease fleet can accommodate a wide range of prefab portable units to be delivered, installed and commissioned from across the Middle East through our network of experienced and reliable supply partners. The company further provides continued after-installation support and monitoring to maintain buildings and ensure continuity of consumable and equipment supply.


At KT, our preferred delivery method is the design-build approach, which is client-focused, performance-based and helps reduce cost and logistics. In fact, it is widely recognized as the fastest delivery method for a successful project. Our experience has shown that this particular methodology delivers unique value and a high level of collaboration between the client and the builder throughout the design process.


We as the design-builder are responsible for engaging and leading all involved parties, including engineers, architects, consultants and suppliers, as well as securing the client’s and project’s best interests. This approach ultimately benefits from a tightly integrated team that works together to ensure a quality project that is delivered in a timely manner and within the specified budget.


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