KT Steel is specialized in pre-engineered steel buildings, which are suitable for various types of structures, such as warehouses, industrial factories, aircraft hangars, bulk storage buildings, showrooms, vehicle parking and fuel stations. KT Steel offers the light steel-flooring alternative to traditional concrete construction without sacrificing strength and durability. In fact, KT Steel’s inherent durability provides superior resistance in extreme environments and conditions. Furthermore, we offer developers the opportunity to upgrade a building at a modest premium.


A steel frame made by KT Steel Framing is prefabricated in our own factory, with each steel frame erected swiftly and efficiently with no site mess or waste. KT Steel frames are relatively lightweight meaning that less material is required than for conventional frames, ultimately saving on costs for the end user and builder. Moreover, the frame’s components are easy to transport and handle, thus reducing transport and installation costs and speeding up construction time. This strength to weight ratio allows for fewer columns and more usable space, thereby giving designers, builders and homeowners greater flexibility to implement contemporary innovative designs for their structures.


The company features a highly qualified comprehensive team of engineers and technicians with over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and erection of efficient and durable pre-engineered structures, and has the ability to deliver cost-effective solutions to our clients’ requirements. We also provide design and engineering assistance that allows you to easily integrate our technologies into your project.

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